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I know it's quite late to make resolutions because it's been 17 days since new year day. 

To be honest, I do not normally make a list of resolution each year because I'm the type of person who lives from day to day. I never plan for the future. I daydream impracticably a lot about my future thou lol.  

Anywho.. I want to have a change. I want to be confident and be proud of myself. 


1/ To be able to wear bikini confidently at the beach next summer.
Eat clean and train hard!

2/ Have a better skin and be able to rock my bare face everyday.

3/ Fix my teeth and have a bright smile confidently.
Braces? Invisalign?

4/ Be a nurse. 

5/ Get my PR.

6/ Travel around: start from road trips then fly interstates after that fly to other countries. 
Be able to cover the cost of 2 persons because bf is jobless :(

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